Hotel Management

Online Hotel Reservation System (Including Payment Gateway)

Evolve has developed a real-time Online Hotel Booking System with advanced features to independently operate as a booking engine or to seemingly integrate to any existing hotel website to capture and payment online Hotel reservations. Some of the key features are;

Booking History, Unlimited capacity, Ease of administration, Inbuilt Photo gallery, Unlimited currency support, Integrated payment gateway, Automated front desk operations, Comprehensive management reporting, Multiple room bookings, Multi-Language, Email alerts & inquiry forwarding etc.

The system is developed in PHP, MySQL, CMS and AJAX Photo gallery. It could be hosted on any Linux / Unix or Windows server, with minimum PHP 5.0, GD Library & MySQL 5.0.

“Nowadays, more travel is sold over the Internet than any other consumer product. The Web has made it possible for a large new group of travelers to find you. When they do, are you ready to take on their business?